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4.  Create a comfortable "place" in the family living circle for your dog. This is the TV and kitchen area. Give your dog a big comfy bed here which serves as his own lazy boy chair. Your dog has to know WHERE TO BE if he is not supposed to be lunging at and jumping on people. Practice sending him to his place and draining his energy/excitement so that he associates his place with calm relaxation. This is one of the few times a treat reward is recommended. Make him become quite happy about going to and planting himself in his "place" with a delicious piece of liver, but do not give it to him until he has become so calm that he is broaching on sleep.

stop dog/puppy jumping

1.  Do not separate your dog or puppy from guests and other people in a crate, the yard or another room. This conveys that you do not know how to lead him through these situations. Your energy is viewed as being weak as a leader and does not earn his respect. He becomes frustrated in being denied "his job" of dominating each human, which only makes him want to do so all that more.

​5.  Exercise your dog with an ambitious walk and feed him before guests arrive or when he is showing you frustration with too much pent up energy.  A wound up dog is frustrated and easily becomes over-excited. A dog who has enjoyed positive physical and mental challenges plus has a full belly is in a natural rest state. This is the dog you can more readily take to calm respectful relaxation even with the excitement of arriving guests. Be sure you master the walk as the dog's leader so that he views you with respect. Otherwise he will quite predictably take the dominant role with the arrival of new people because that is the relationship you have carved.

In the animal world, canines do not greet by launching their bodies like missiles at one another. They keep "four on the floor" as they gently approach with sideways zigs for the handshake sniff. Jumping on another is disrespectful dominance.

Dogs who jump up on people have usually been rewarded with human affection for doing so as puppies. Our adoring laughs, hugs, and baby talk told Junior that we desired this behavior. While your kids were probably unsure about this jumping (they tend to have better instincts than adults), Junior shared what he viewed as his charms with them and guests alike because he was being rewarded for doing so.

Now fast forward to the grown up version of Junior. His past cuteness has become a problem with his larger size and confidence. He now makes children cry, knocks over grandma and has taken this lunging to out of control behaviors on the walk. This dog has learned that it is his job to claim ownership of all beings in his pack's territory and he does so with dominant jumping, if not worse.

​Whomever touches the other first in the animal world is the dominant leader, the touchee the follower. Dogs do not negotiate or compromise. The more dominant challenge instead. Dogs take dominant leader or submissive follower positions with each relationship with other beings. They do not live with shades of gray.​

A dog launching his body at you is not affection, but dominant and disrespectful in the animal world.  With you, it also quite likely a cry for help.  The dog may predictably be saying, "I am lonely and bored!"

Stop Your Dog or Puppy From Jumping on People

Does your dog accost you with a "hug" when you return home from work? Does he "greet" each house guest with a charge and jump if you don't drag him out to the back yard first?

3.  Disagree with your dog's dominance. Block him from putting his paw on you, his head on you, and sitting or laying on you. If he persists, take his space, remove his power from height (furniture), re-think sleeping with him, and use correction techniques which resonate with his canine instincts (we can help you with this).​​

2.  Practice creating calm submission in your dog when there are no people or other distractions around. This is the state of mind and being of an obedient respectful dog. Only test your training with other people after you can reliably take your dog to calm obedience without fail.

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