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Our 2-3 hour home consult can change your life with your dog significantly for the better.

Due to high demand for this service, scheduling is first come, first served.

​You'll learn how to master the walk!

We show you how to create balance and provide the leadership this pup needs as animal and canine which, as a result, earns his leadership respect for you to turn undesired behaviors around. This means providing your dog with consistent exercise, structure, discipline, socialization and only lastly affection.  

Humanizing a dog fulfills only human needs. It creates a leadership void for the dog which they have no choice but to fill in on their own. Whenever we bring a dog into our home, it is our responsiblity to provide the leadership which creates the stability and balance intended in nature. We will show you how to turn the pack hierarchy into its rightful position with you as leader and dog as follower, which is ultimately what human and most dogs want.

This two to 3 hour private home behavior consult is a fantastic way to get your your dog or puppy on the right track. It includes your family, and is in the convenience of your home and neighborhood. We customize our approach for the needs of you and your dog after meeting you and assessing your dog's temperamentobedience and socialization.  This is our core service because of the amazing results and rapid behavior changes that occur in the dogs!

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Whether your dog is saddled with aggression, fear, distrust, or bad manners without listening to you, this personal and convenient in-home session yields great results in fast order. From puppy behaviors and obedience training to advanced dog behavior challenges, training in your home and neighborhood is always the best idea. We stage real world scenarios to achieve the greatest results, and

usually give you all you need with one single session.

Private training and natural dog handling is the best option for balancing and calming an over-excited or out-of-control dog. Unlike training methods which reward with treats and punish using shock collars, this style of helping dogs results in REAL RESULTS and a HAPPIER, CALMER DOG!

​​Within your home, we can see the worst of your dog's behaviors. We develop a strategy for helping your dog move forward with your family using the best action plan and communication and leadership techniques. These will be meaningful to your dog with perfect timing and an intensity which matches his. You will practice replicating these techniques so your success continues after we leave.

     "We sought Donny's help after we adopted a 2 year old American Bulldog who had been returned twice already to the shelter. Our "Pear" was mostly loving and caring with us, but growled at and even attacked our guests. She pulled so hard on leash that even my husband could barely hold onto her, and she bit us if we knocked her off the couch. We tried other trainers with different training methods, but they actually made our girl worse with their treat methods.  When Donny came over, this was the first person our girl was polite and calm with instead of barking, growling and trying to bite. Donny truly "talks" to dogs. She took our dog for a few rehab sessions and brought us up to speed with lessons in between times. 

     Pear is now over the hump thanks to Donny. We now know how to lead her, live with her, enjoy her, and keep everyone safe. We know how affection is like arsenic for Pear and have figured out how and when to love her without making her think she's the chief cheese. This was hard for my family but we get it saved Pear's life. We can't thank Donny enough!"  - Ashley K.

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