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​Dog and Puppy Socialization

​​​Dogs who are well socialized when young grow up to be much more friendly, social, confident and stable than those who are contained and isolated.​

8 IMPORTANT WAYs to socialize your dog or puppy

​​1.  Other dogs - all ages, sizes, breeds

Your dog is a canine. He/she needs role model others of his own species to play with and learn from. Having simply "puppy" play groups is not wise, it is the blind leading the blind instead of having a natural pack environment where stable balanced seniors can lead the juveniles to how canines are expected to interact.

​​No matter your dog's age, the Denver Dog Whisperer will help you and your pup learn to enjoy gallavanting together in our big, beautiful world. You will take great confidence in knowing that you can trust your pup to behave reliably and respect for your guidance given any situation he faces. 

Only begin socializing your dog when you are in the mind set of being pack leader so that you can share the rules of polite behavior in our domesticated world.  Taking your pup out and letting him make wrong behavior decisions creates instability.

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Visit a Farmer's Market! (well behaved dogs only)

​​2.  People - all ages, MALe/female and vARIOUS colors/ethnicitIES

  • From babies, toddlers, kids and teens to adults, seniors and elders.
  • ​People with beards, canes, hats, glasses, wheelchairs, uniforms, umbrellas.​
  • Service and delivery people and guests at front door and in the home.

​3.  Distractions during the walk.

  • Other dogs being walked - both on leash as well as loose and free.
  • Dogs barking and body slamming behind fences.
  • Bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, joggers, baby strollers, trash cans, trash trucks, zooming cars.


4.  Other pets and animals

  • ​Cats, horses, deer, inanimate animal objects that look real

5.  Out and about in our world

  • Rides in the car, fast food windows, panhandlers.
  • Coffee shop and cafe patios, fairs, farmers markets, festivals, ball games.
  • Pet store, vet, groomer, dog walker.
  • Hardware store, car repair lobby, fire station.
  • Places where people clap, yell and cheer.

6.  Loud Noises

  • Fireworks, thunder, sirens, vacuum, blender, the car wash

7.  Unusual Surfaces

  • Grates, bridges, elevators, linoleum, boat docks

8.  Water

  • Creeks, pools, bathtub, sprinklers, streams, rain ... and of course SNOW!